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KTM Malaysia contact information like Toll-Free Number, Telephone NumberEmail Id, Head Office Address are provided below to help the customers get the services easily.

KTM Malaysia known as Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad is a railway body that takes care of the railway facilities in Malaysia, it was earlier known as Federated Malay States Railway (FMSR).

The railway system in Malaysia was established during the British rule primarily to transport tin and other raw materials. The rail network in Malaysia is spread across the West Coast and East Coast and has a track length of over 1700 KMs which is electrified and can be used for both personal and freight services.

The network has KTM Intercity, KTM Komuter trains which serve almost all the regions of the country through regular frequency catering to over 10 million passengers.

Listed below are KTM Customer Service Number along with the head office address, email address and phone number for passengers to get in touch with the company.

Contact Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM)

Toll Free Number : 1-300-88-5862(KTMB)
Telephone : 603-2267 1200
Email : callcenter@ktmb.com.my

KTM Berhad Headquarters Address :

Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
50621 Kuala Lumpur.

In order to know more about company and its services, you can visit KTM website and know the details.

17 reviews

  1. Cheating Money Company

    Buy ticket twice, but not showing in my booking history and have deduct my money from my account.
    Both Hotline and Toll Free number cannot reach.

  2. ktmb i card student

    Ktmb i card student
    sy vanaja ini.dari taiping perak.
    sy dah apply dan banking..kad itu blh guna dkt ets atau online…sy nak guna tpg to sp sahaja..kad itu xblh guna..tolong pulang duit aku…harap maklum

  3. Hi, morning,
    Saya Chan, nak tanya hari ini malam 05/11/2018 KTM station Putra to rawang train ada jalan tak?
    pukul berapa sampai berapa?

  4. Very hard to get KTM line just to ask for my refund

  5. ktm very slow

    train pelabuhan klang ke kl sntral sgt slow selalu bermasalah berhenti terlalu lama makan masa 15min. very slow la pliss improve skit perjalanan ktm ni
    jgn slow

  6. Please take a look on this

    Bad services. Especially the employees. Very rude n not responsive. They used rude tones and even glare at people. Klang KTM

  7. Code.1002 I want to register my KTM card I give all the information very true but I got this response.i m waiting for your cooperation

  8. too bad and call many time no one to answer HQ and Jb Senter Office also!

  9. Bad service, email and call also can’t reach. Got issue with link card also can’t settle.

  10. Dissapointed with your service

    I bought my student card for ETS. You already deducted the money from my account but the website said I didn’t do any payment yet. Such a liar

    I try to reach you thru phone call and email but no one gave a respond


    I need to report about my problem in ktm train. I took ktm Sungai Buloh to Kepong station at 3.04 p.m. and I seat at wanita coach. But then a Indian man seat opposite me, he took his phone shooting me. I turn around my head. Just because I am scary, so when KTM reach Kepong Sentral, I change my seat place to front, it is also wanita coach, there was another Indian man sitting at another coach. He took his phone out and shooting me too. After KTM reach Kepong, I get out from KTM and ran quickly.

    I hope this type of problem will not happened again on me and other women who are taking KTM alone.


  12. refund money

    Buy ticket twice, but not showing in my booking history and have deduct my money from my account.
    Both Hotline and Toll Free number cannot reach.

  13. Cannot be reached waste of time. Cheating phone service or lazy staffs?

  14. purchased e ticket online transaction confirmed ,received email fr ktmb on purchased but didnt received QR code or soft copy of the ticket so start calling careline no response at all,
    according to ktmb ipoh station last few days problem with online purchase so asked me to call careline for refund but again hopeless no response at all

  15. need of improvement for customer service contact , please .

    ktmb is unable to contact. tried calling the contact number 603-2267 1200. it is same pattern, you dial, they pass you to their agent, you hear one song until the end. then then say agents are busy . song starts again and then a few seconds later you are cut off .

    request to please resolve this phone system. thank you


    there are still MEN on the ladies coach. Dear KTM, please emphasize this more. LADIES COACH ONLY. please.there are a lot of sexual harassment happened nowadays. and I hope this wont happen again. please do more fierce enforcement

  17. Very terrible

    I went to KTM ARAU,PERLIS to buy ets ticket. So, I went to the counter and ask to buy ets ticket. She asked me when ? I said on June. Then she asked again what date ? I said on 3th. She said okay and she repeat the that but she only said 3th she didn’t said month. Then, i gave her the money but, i check back it’s on 3th June. Then, I went back to the counter and I said I want the ticket on 3th June. And she said I said on May. But, I’m very very absolutely sure that I said I want it on June not May. And she said if I said on June she will not asked me to gave her my student card. But, I’m very very sure I said June. She doesn’t listen to what I said bcs she wants to go for lunch. And she cut my money. But, I’m absolutely sure I said on June and she doesn’t listen. And she is not friendly. And I don’t need people like her to assist me. If she wants to work, just do your work. Don’t make a face like you don’t want to work. You annoyed me so much. Please, take action to this worker. This worker should not assist customer.

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