Cadbury Australia Customer Service, Head Office Address

Cadbury Customer Service Number and Head Office Address details are provided for customers using which you can solve your issues regarding the chocolate items. Cadbury started in the year 1824 with the headquarters in London, United Kingdom. It is the second largest company in providing chocolate items like Dairy Milk chocolate, Creme Egg etc, which are widely distributed and sold across many countries.

Milk Tray is the first chocolate produced by the company, in the year 1928 Fruit and Nut  produced as part of Dairy Milk chocolate. Dairy Milk Silk, Boost, Bournville etc are different types of chocolate provided by the company. Cadbury chocolate is a desire all over the world. Cadbury is a mark with a long story in Australia and a passionate dedication to making everyone feel happy.

Cadbury Customer Service Australia

If you need any help for your product you can contact the below number .

Customer Service Number: +1800 250 260.

Cadbury Australia Head Office Address

If you have any unsolved queries  you can complain directly to head office address as mentioned below.
Customer Advisory Service,
PO Box 1673,
VIC 3001.

Cadbury in Australia started in the year 1922 and became an official supplier in chocolates to the Australian Armed Forces. It also supports and provides clothing, books and chocolate to soldiers . In the year 1969 company merged with Schweppes Australia to create a familiar Cadbury Schweppes. From 2009 , it marks a new era for Cadbury and enables more invigorated and singular focus  for Cadbury in Australia.

Cadbury Dairy Milk, the number one trading chocolate bar in Australia, Cadbury Dairy Milk is Fairtrade Certified and available to purchase in supermarkets and retail outlets across the country. If you need any information about the company or know about  new chocolate items release can visit the website.

Customers can send their feedback and suggestions to the company through the following social media platforms.
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7 reviews

  1. Roses chocolates

    The new roses chocolates were terrible! One of the only chocolates where you take one and don’t think about grabbing another, what was once the only brand we bought we can’t look at now, whatever you did to change them it was a bad idea

  2. Very very disappointed with your Roses selection, what has happened to the hard centers, soft centers (as I see on the tin New Allergens) obviously that’s why you have minimal selection, they were given to me as a gift, I will not be buying them.

  3. OMG Cadbury, what have you done? Your new selection of chocolates omits the delicious creams and the whole hazelnut has been replaced by tiny chips. The paper packaging is bigger and the chocolates smaller. I dislike the whole selection but particularly the white chocolate with raspberry. I am 72 years old and am so disappointed that I can no longer buy the original Cadbury Roses which I have enjoyed for so many years. I have no desire to buy these new Cadbury Roses and will be looking for other brands to enjoy. Why did you spoil such a good thing?

  4. Entreperneur

    Hi my names Tony Gorsevski a Cadbury Choclate eating cunsumer since i can remember, wondering if Cadbury would be interested in reading a Business Idea to increase sales & expand as a business, if interested i will send a written Business proposal to a nominated email address.

    Kind Regatds Tony Gorsevski

  5. Cadburys dairy milk chocolate

    I have been eating Cadbury’s chocolate for decades. I have had a block of dairy milk this week and it has a horrible taste. Its tastes greasy and no favour. Will be changing brands from now. So disappointed.

  6. New Crunchie Icecream is a FAIL

    The NEW Cadbury Crunchie Icecream is a disappointment. There is NO distinct honeycomb flavour, it is just a muddled flavour . To equate it with a Cruchie is very misleading. Loved the original Crunchie Icecream. Saw it appear again, bought it, WILL NOT be buying it again. It is a fail.

  7. Disappointing

    We were very disappointed to open the Roses collection box and find that our two faves there were only one of. [Peppermint] and [Hazelnut Swirl] Why is this so?

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